Tuesday, October 9, 2012

31 for 21 - Fun Memory Building Game.

The Fist Full of Coins game was recommended to me by a member of the BrillKids forum.  I purchased it this spring & have been enjoying it ever since.

 We originally purchased it as a memory building game & it is great for that but we've also found that it is really good for helping K practice her reading comprehension skills.

The game starts out with very simple instructions & builds in difficulty from level 1 pictured above to level 4 cards in the two pictures below - level 4 cards are quite challenging even for my older girls & myself. Coins are given out after each attempt with the player receiving more for a success. If necessary, you could adjust this game in many ways to either target different skills such as having the instructions read out loud to the player rather than read it themselves or to modify it to be easier for younger players.

It actually looks easier when you see it already done below but as you can tell from the card above, there is a lot to remember.

The great thing about this game is that all of my kids can play together & even the older ones are challenged - very few games can cover the ten year age span between my kids.

Has anyone got any other great games to suggest?


  1. Tangoes JR is for one person but great for visual perception.

    We have not played it yet but our OT told us about Colorama. I bought but have not used it yet

  2. Thanks Sandra. I appreciate all of your wonderful ideas:)