Friday, July 19, 2013

"Come look! Quick! My tooth, my tooth fell out!" - Finally.............. a quick update!

Often, almost daily, as I drive the kids to one event or another I compose a blog post in my head.............getting time to sit down & type it on the computer is quite another story though. Too bad I haven't found a program to effectively take my thoughts or words & retype them into blogger for me as I'd have lots to say!

Today however, I'm at the library while K is attending a summer speech program which has been going on all week.  They are working on specific sounds, most of which she can say but needs help remember to say clearly so I think this is helpful to her.  She has again only had about 4 speech sessions in the last year so every little bit helps.

K turned 6 back in May & I'm hoping to do up a video of her last year...................hopefully before her next birthday I'll find time!

As for a very recent update, she's had an exciting week.  One of her front teeth has been very loose for a couple weeks.  We've been reading lots books on loosing teeth & she was anxiously awaiting the big event!  Over the last couple of days it got really loose & last night she called excitedly from her bedroom "Come look! Quick!  My tooth, my tooth fell out!"  Of course 1/2 the house roared up the stairs to celebrate with her.  She looks so adorable but so much older with that front tooth missing & of course I had a teary mommy moment watching my baby become an even bigger kid.

They're working on the TH sound today which is one that K can say but it is tough for her.  When reading she consistently says "bu" instead of the.  I'm wondering how much that missing tooth will affect this sound though!

Okay, I'm hitting publish now but I'm starting on a new post.  It's time to post an update favorite apps list.  See you soon!