Monday, January 27, 2014

An Update & Our Latest Plans

At the moment I'm working on a new building project here at home.  I have had a  business here at home since before my kids were born. I really appreciate being able to work from home & being able to work around  the kid's schedules. Most of my work is by appointment so I book at my convenience & when the kids were little I could work mainly when my husband was at home to watch them.Now that they are school (K goes 2-3 full days per week) I work mostly when they are in school.  Most weeks I work two part days but if we're really busy with other things I may go a week or more without working at all.I also have some duties that have to be done daily, morning afternoon & night however those times are slightly flexible. There are also rare weeks that I work 3 or 4 days . It is time though to build a new building for me to work in & although I've hired a carpenter, it is taking up huge amounts of my time to help with varnishing, painting, picking out flooring, lights, a heating system & just generally doing whatever needs to be done.

I am finding it very hard to fit in much program at all right now.  We also planned to miss our January evaluation anyways due to weather, scheduling I thought this might be a good time to try something different.

First  of all I need to be clear that I am still a very strong supporter of neurodevelopment & this is where I have seen tremendous results with K.  Nothing else has come close to this results so we will come back to it shortly.

We will still be doing few neurodevelopmental program activities too.  Reading of course will always be part of K's day.  We will continue with her math book & also try to fit in lots of digit spans & other memory  games.

On to our plans for the next few weeks:

I ended up with a free lifetime membership to Mendability a while back. It is a sensory enrichment therapy which is aimed mainly at kids with autism but is used for kids with Trisomy 21 as well as others. I've always  found it interesting but couldn't fit these activities in while focusing on K's ND program.  For the next 3-4 weeks I am going to try to complete the daily activities in this program. It is much less intensive so should be fairly simple after the fairly intensive ND program we always request.

They have a reporting system with evaluations before each new set of activities to help see any changes. I'll update on how it goes.