Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 for 21 - Fostering Curiousity

We focused a lot on this when K was little. We explained things from the time she was a baby & very likely too young to understand. By the time she was old enough to ask questions, she expected us to explain everything!

We pointed out & labelled everything with spoken as well as written words when she was a baby too.

When she was at the age when most kids are asking why, her language was slightly behind, so we explained that too. We basically just tried to give her the answers to questions kids would typically ask at that age or perhaps than when they were even a little older.

We also stopped to look at things in nature & our environment & talked about how interesting they were.

We have the most fascinating conversations about anything from animals to antique vehicles to windmills.

Who knows if it was because of all of this or not but I now have the most curious 5 year old that I know!  

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