Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Potty Time With Elmo App Giveaway

Yesterday I received an email from Betsy who works for Sesame Street.  They are about to update the Elmo Potty Time app & are giving away some free codes.  She had found this post I wrote on potty training while looking for someone to help give the codes away.

Sesame is a company that I always enjoyed as a child but I have gained much more respect for them as an adult.  They are one of the first organizations who included kids with Trisomy 21, kids in wheelchairs etc just as a regular part of every day life.  No one is singled out as being different they just are.  Because of this I am quite excited to give away these codes.

Here is a link to the app Potty Time with Elmo.

If you're interested in a free code please leave a comment.

All the codes are gone - thanks everyone. I had a number of them but they disappeared fast!  I'll message you with the info tonight.