Friday, October 12, 2012

31 for 21 - More First Aid Practice

K has a fascination with doctors & playing doctor which is pretty funny seeing as she is a little unsure about going sometimes. We try to treat most minor problems naturally at home & she is healthy so doesn't have to go to a doctor often - just the odd check up which now amount to only 2 or 3  per year.  She has been to the dentist more often lately though & thinks he is the coolest guy she knows! I do have to insert a little brag here. Last month she had a routine blood draw & although she was a little nervous, she did great they managed to draw enough blood on the first try!  She has always been tough to get blood from & usually it involves a couple hours of waiting & 2 tries before eventually dragging the wonderful doctor who used to work in a NICU out of his crowded waiting room to do it.

Anyways, K loves all things doctor & has for a while - check out this post for some cute pics of her practicing CPR.  Last week she found her older sister JC's manual from a recent first aid course & reads it & looks at the pics every chance she gets.  It is her most read book of the week with only the Sears Wish book coming in at a close behind. 

K was given this first aid kit & was thrilled from the moment she saw it.   Of course she had to be the doctor so she dressed up in her housecoat & told me that "The doctor would be with me in a moment. "  She cracks me up!  Where does she get this stuff from?

She then proceeded to empty out & inspect everything inside. 

Then she went in search of a patient.

 ............& of course I needed a few bandages on my owies.

Next it was her turn. 

Afterwards when I had to go make supper & she decided to fix her dolls.  She was so comforting to her patients &  I had to giggle when she told them "Come back again if you don't feel better soon".

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