Monday, October 29, 2012

31 for 21 - Growing like a weed?

Here is a picture of our informal growth chart.  We measure all of the kids on the doorway between our onsuite bathroom & walk in closet.  It's a pretty sophisticated method which seems to work well for us:)
The other day I heard K in there & peeked in to see what she was doing.  K had the measuring tape & a marker in her hand & was attempting to measure herself.  I helped our & this is what I discovered:
Notice how much K grew in the last 6 weeks or so?  She just had quite a growth spurt & I guess kids do have them randomly but the thing that frustrates me is that I often hear parents say that their kids grew when they gave them this supplement or that vitamin. Maybe I shouldn't expect her growth to correlate with her vitamins, I know they should be for general, long term health but it sure would be nice! We were more sporadic than usual with K's vitamins towards the end of the summer as we got busy with several mini holidays.  Then in September I decided to give K a break from her vitamins altogether & to reintroduce them slowly to get a better idea of the effects.  I had only restarted K on any vitamins the day before I took this picture.
What are your thoughts & experiences on this?  Do you notice many specific changes when your kids are taking different supplements?

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  1. I think vitamins are a great support for any child's growth, but the main factors in a child growth are genetic heritage and a good health. No all kids with Down syndrome are small. I realized the week my son was born. I was leaving the hospital and in the main door was a young man with down syndrome. My sister was with me and she commented to me "HE IS TALL." I also have a little neighbor who has Down syndrome and he is 75 percentile for typical kids. I also know other boy a little older than my son, who is almost out of the typical kids growth chart and he has Down syndrome.

    My son's growth got affected last year due to medications destroyed the good flora, but as soon as, we put him in nutritional intervention to heal his gut, he has growth very quickly. He clothes is getting smaller for him and he wears the appropriate size for his age, so we are getting a size bigger to fit him better. Even, his teacher has commented that my son is a good size kid. My son was taller and heavier than my typical child compering them when they were born. I think both of my kids are not going to be as tall a my husband, but a good height. I don't think kids with Down syndrome are born to be small, but health issues they begin to face since births slows down their growth. So I think vitamins and supplementation are essential to keep them healthy rather than help them getting taller.