Monday, September 1, 2014

Kindergarten Update ..........Onto Grade One!

For those of you who are working tirelessly with you little ones & not seeing much feedback yet I  hope this will be some inspiration! It's tough to do program day after day, year after year without knowing whether our leap of faith will yield the results we are praying for.

K has now finished kindergarten  & in our wildly busy whirlwind of basketball camp, baseball, a newly expanded business that has been so busy that we've already had to expand again immediately I've been to busy to post so here at last is my update:

Kindergarten has gone very well & K loves it!  Within a couple days she started coming home & talking about all her new friends many of whom I'd never met so had to scramble to put a face to all of the names she mentioned.  She made some wonderful friendships & for a child who once was quite shy she has really started to become much more social.

There were a few minor issues over the year, mainly in regards to her believing she could be a little more independent than is appropriate.  Things like deciding to go sit in the entrance to the school rather than staying on the playground.  She was too hot so it was a good choice but rather than okay it with the teacher she just went ahead & did it & they had to come find her.

At the start of the year she also didn't listen as well as she should at times.  I often find that with new people she tries to see what she can get away with & this was certainly the case in kindergarten. K is my kid that when given an inch she takes a mile however other people often don't realize, or probably just don't expect this.

Thankfully all of these behaviours did improve as the year went on.

Now, onto the positives!  K's report card consists of about 40 or so separate areas.  These include physical activity, math, reading, behaviour, etc. They are given marks from 1 to 4.  1 meaning they don't understand the concept or follow through with what is expected at all with 4 meaning they always understand/do what is expected.  Each of K's report cards got better with the final one having one 3 & every single other mark a 4!!!!!!!!  I am one proud mama!

While I type tonight K is upstairs sleeping.......... tomorrow morning is her first day of grade one.  As always, I'm excited to see where this journey takes us but again, like always, I'm sad to see my babies growing up.  I'm not sure which is hardest, sending my youngest to grade one or my oldest to grade 12.................I'm going to have to keep busy tomorrow & a virtual hand holding from all of you reading this might help :)