Important Posts

 This page contains links to some of my posts that I feel are the most important ones to read.
 It is a work in progress & I'll update as necessary.

Newborn -                                     How to stimulate a newborn
                                                        My breastfeeding story
Teaching Reading -                       Fast Flashing Method
                                                        How long does a flashcard sessions take?
                                                        Phonics or Sight Words?
                                                        When to Start Teaching Phonics
                                                         The Alphabet is Boring
                                                          Laminating Flashcards

Crawling -                                     Teaching your baby to crawl

Blog with instructions on how to build a crawling track

This is the blog about the cutest little boy named Jaidin. This particular post has directions & photos of the process of building a crawling track.
                                                        Jaidin's Journey                  

Reading Programs -                      How to apply for the BrillKids special needs discount

Health -                                           Surviving a Sleep Study

Neurodevelopment -                   Neurodevlopment