Tuesday, October 2, 2012

31 for 21: Finding balance

 I wrote this post back in September after K's neurodevelopmental evaluation but never got it posted.  31 for 21 is going to be great for catch up on my unfinished blog posts!

 K & I just got back from an overnight trip that included a neurodevelopmental evaluation, and a visit with a good friend as well as a cousin that I haven't seen in probably 1.5 years?  Too long, whatever the case.  We went swimming, checked out a couple of malls, & enjoyed a trip to the zoo.  We crammed as much as we could in, didn't stop for a moment, & stayed up way too late!  We arrived home at 12:03 am this morning. Needless to say, we have had a lazy morning.

After breakfast, K asked to watch Little Reader, so I unpacked the computer & set it up for her to use.  She chose a playlist that I made up for her about a week ago.  Just by coincidence, there was a file on animals from Brazil, a number of which we had just seen at the zoo which made it all the more exciting. As a file about Thailand came on, she immediately jumped up & pointed out that country on the map that hangs on our dining room wall.  There were phonics files on words starting with im, ip, & ing which she read out loud as they played.  There were rhymes to sing along with as well as general knowledge files including a trip to the doctor story which helped so much during a recent doctor visit as she used to be quite nervous about going. 

When I looked out the kitchen window just now, I saw KJ hanging from the top of the monkey bars, & K climbing up the side. 

 I love the teal & pink paint the girls chose for the monkey bars!

Then the girls decided to have a picnic lunch under the trees in the yard......oops, I mean in a vast, wild forest.

The next little glance?  K and KJ were using a long narrow cement border that runs along one side of the yard as a balance beam. 

 Hmmm..............this picture is a good reminder about my lawn that is overdue for a mowing.

Next was a treasure hunt - the pirates of the prarie found quite a fortune!

X marks the spot for the pirate treasure- I managed to find some treasures around the house for the girls to enjoy.

I will be the first to admit that it is tough to balance all of our family's needs.  All of our 3 girls are involved in several sports, we have farm, I have business on our property, & my husband works in a job with irregular & during some times of the year, quite demanding hours.  Add K's neurodevelopmental program to this & life gets really hectic!

I appreciate being able to spend a day this way & know that:

A. K is enjoying typical things that every child should be able to do &

B.  That although she isn't doing any focused program activities today, that she is still learning in a self directed manner. 

There have been times when I wondered if we were doing enough program & other times that I worry that we do too much but days like today remind me that K is doing just fine:) 

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