Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Watch Me Ski Mom!"

K has been on skis for a few years now. The first year we just let her have fun gliding down & getting her balance. Last year we started teaching her to turn & stop as well as how to get on & off a rope tow & magic carpet.   She has had a few lessons this year & is coming along well with her skiing.  We plan to let her follow in her big sisters footsteps next year & will register her in our local Nancy Greene ski league program. It is a learn to skis program which does include ski racing but the main emphasis is learning to ski & having fun. She will be taking lessons twice a week & start her ski racing career which she is very excited about. She is already anxious to move on from the rope tow & head up the big hill!  Patience my child,  first we have to solidify your snow plow stops & turns:)

Riding the magic carpet at another ski hill while her sisters raced last weekend.

Riding the rope tow

Coming off the magic carpet & skiing down - but not listening to her Mom when told to make stop. K thinks its fun to just go straight down without stopping lately but is learning to do a pretty good pizza (or chocolate pie) stop when she decides to listen:)

& here's that elusive pizza stop in this next video.  For some reason K thought it was funny to put her hands on her boots while stopping. Maybe because that's how her ski instructor taught her to snowplow? Anyways,  my phone battery died shortly after I took this video so I couldn't get a better one but you can see her nice little snow plow stop.

For those of you who read my last post on skiing, you may have noticed that K is now skiing without a harness.  We are still cautious because of her AAI concerns but are trying to give her a little freedom while still being careful.

Has anyone else got a ski bunny?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fun Fine Motor Activity

A friend gave me these sheets quite a while ago. I'm not familiar with the program these sheets are from but the writing on the bottom right says Do A Dot Art. We've been photocopying them so we've gotten a lot of use out of these sheets.  Initially, when K was younger we used bingo dobbers to do them. K is working on printing now though so they are a little too easy so we decided to use them for fine motor skills instead.

K placed some glue on a spot on the paper then used the tweezers to pick up a pompom & put it in place.  We are always looking for new & fun activities to do with K so it was nice that this activity was a hit.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Finding the Right Motivation

Sequential processing is an important part if most neurodevelopmental programs. We play different games to help K develop her memory. Sometimes we have her do a series of actions while other times we may do an activity like have her repeat words back to us.

K will do a series of actions but has been refusing to repeat words for quite a while. We figured out a new game to get K to do it tonight.

When she was little & we were walking with her holding 2 peoples hands she liked us to swing her between us. At the time to encourage speech we had her say "123 go!" first. Tonight she wanted to do this again so I told her okay but say "5931". I repeated this several times & each time she easily got 4's. By the time we walked to the mall I tried 5 words & she got it first try! I guess we'll be doing a lot of walking & swinging from now on!

What activities help motivate your child?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why I don't post my daughter's name or picture on my blog

I had a comment left on my blog tonight........by anonymous of course, asking why I don't show my daughter's face.  I've addressed this question in the past but it's probably buried under many other blog posts so I'll answer again.

Anonymous asked if I don't post her picture because I'm ashamed of her.  That is so incredibly far from the truth.  K is adorable, beautiful & I am truly the proudest mom in the world of her as well as my other daughters, whose faces I also don't post on my blog.  Every night when I tiptoe into her room to check on her before I go to sleep the same words just instantly pop into my head " She is so perfect."  It's not planned, my mind just can't look at her sleeping peacefully & not think that. " She is so perfect." I don't show pictures of my kids faces to try to give them some privacy.  If i am posting a story which involves my older daughters I usually ask their permission first, except in the case where I'm sure they'll agree. At 5 & 10 years of age, I really don't think K or KJ truly understand all of the implications to posting things on the internet, heck I probably don't even fully understand. I do however think it is important to share how well K is doing & what methods have worked for us so I think this blog is important. Perhaps at some point when I think all of my kids are old enough to fully understand & give their permission, I'll use their real names & full photos but until then I feel I need to respect their privacy.

Some days I would like to post more pictures.  Some things just don't come through in words........the mischevious glint in K's eyes she's scheming up a way to get one more story at bedtime, the way she looks at her sister T because they share a special bond that words just can't describe - I'm sure they each feel the sun rises & sets on the other, The cocky look K has as she blasts out her sisters loud rock music............I could go on & on but the point is, it is not my decision to make & I need to wait until she can make that decision herself.

I welcome any other questions anonymous or anyone else may have:)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Geography lessons - a trip to the USA

We are holidaying, mainly in Montana, for a few days. K has travelled from one end of Canada to the other but has never been out of the country before.

I like to add a little learning in with just about everything we do & travelling is a wonderful way to teach a sone geography. KJ, my 10 year old is learning about all the Canadian provinces in school right now so I tried to build on that a little & found a mapping activity which includes all the provinces & territory's. I found another of a fictitious community which teaches north, south, east & west. I printed off a Montana fun sheet with info & activities as well as USA & Montana maps & flags. Finally I printed off some geography word search puzzles. That should be enough to keep her busy for a while!

For K, I printed off the some maps & flags to colour then added in some math & printing sheets.

Before we left home we talked about the USA & Montana & found them on the map. We looked at the distances between places & talked about how we have provinces & territories & the USA has states.

We explained what was happening at the border & about her passport & how this was the point that we were leaving our country & entering a new one.

We talked about the differences in our money & K is excited to have some crisp new American bills in her wallet.

Once we arrived at the hotel I was given a simple map showing our room, the pool, the restaurant etc. K immediately decided it was her map & loves reading it & being our tour guide around the hotel.

We are also going to take in a couple of museums on our trip including a children's museum.

Once we get home in sure we'll do a few follow up activities as well!

How do you add learning activities into your holidays?