Friday, August 12, 2011

Wonderful, Very Informative Post on Oral Motor Therapy

This is a link to an awesome blog post written about oral motor therapy. It has so much information all in one place - all new moms (& anyone else working in oral motor issues with their kids) should read this:

 I should also mention that there are a few words used in this blog post that you won't find on mine;)
Don't let that stop you from appreciating the information in this article & the amount of research that went into it.  The author is an awesome mom who is doing a great job with her adorable little guy!

And make sure you read the Talk Tolks article called The Oral Motor Myths of DS that she talked about. I've mentioned it before on my blog it is one of my favorite articles & is well worth repeating.

Here it is - 3rd article from the bottom of the list:

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