Saturday, August 13, 2011

Videos of K swimming

I am amazed at K's swimming progress even in the last week! I have always considered gross motor to be the area that K has to work the hardest at and while I am careful never to place any limits on her, I admit that I didn't predict her to be doing so well with swimming already. We live in a fairly cold climate  & although we have a 12 X 24 foot pool in our backyard, it can only be used for about 2 months per year - 2.5 months if we are lucky!  My older girls can all swim now, but they really have had to work hard at it and were on average around 6 years old when they learned to swim because, besides a couple of months in the summer, we don't get to a pool often.  K loves swimming & is really trying hard to keep up with her big sisters. These videos really show what determination can do!

These videos were taken yesterday afternoon of K showing off her recent jump in swimming skills. Her big sisters all enjoy diving for rings at the bottom of the pool, so of course K joined in!

The 2nd video is of her swimming a little further, coming up for a breath, then collecting some diving rings off the bottom of the pool: