Monday, August 1, 2011


Flash cards need to be laminated in order to flash them very quickly like this:

Here are a few examples of different ways to laminate cards:

Packing tape Method

This method is the least expensive.  It is the most time consuming though & the finished product is  not nearly as nice.  Cards laminated in this way won't last as long & tend to stick a little sometimes. I also find it hard not to make wrinkles sometimes.

I just lay 2 long strips of tape across my kitchen table, lay the cards on top, then seal with another 2 layers of tape before cutting the cards out. 

Laminating Sheets

I purchased this at a dollar store.  It was inexpensive, at only $1.00, but the rolls are not very big, especially when you have to double it over itself to laminate both sides.  

I just laid all of the pieces cards out, cut the laminating sheet, & lay the rest over top & cut them out.

These turn out pretty good, but are a little more flexible & flimsy than regular laminating & therefore a little more difficult to work with.


Laminating sleeves are easy to find at local department stores or stationery stores.

I bought this laminator at a local department store when I first started making flashcards.  It was the cheapest one that I found  because,at the time, I wasn`t convinced that babies could really be taught to read.  Am I ever glad I was wrong!  Although it was the cheapest laminator on the shelp, it is still going strong thousands of flashcards later!
Cards that are laminated in this way are the most expensive to produce, but they are really easy to work with & fast flash.  The cards flash quickly & don`t stick together. I also laminate home made books so they stand up to a lot more love & abuse:)

Here is just a sample of what this laminator has accomplished in the last 3 years!


  1. Hi, Thanks so much for posting about laminating flash cards. I am into teach my boy to read, so I got self sealing laminating pouches at Target last week and I started to laminate some of the flash cards we have. I also order a self adhesive laminating roll I found in I am also reading the book Teaching to read to kids with Down syndrome was recommend from the blog

    My son likes the fast flashing method. He also choose by category (color, number, shape, letters) what cards he wants for fast flashing. Meanwhile, I am using flash cards we already have because they are a good amount. We will get the Brill Kids reading program for Christmas.

    By the way, I had my baby boy on July 12th. So I have my hands full with my two boys. Thanks so much for sharing your experience of teaching your daughter to read.

  2. Thanks for posting this. I began laminating with using the packaging tape quite a long time ago when I made things like file folder games and so on. It wasn't until recently did I learn how wonderful 'real' laminating is.

    I agree with the packaging tape you don't that best result and the cards can sometimes stick, that its time consuming, and yes, those darn creases and bubbles. LOL

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