Monday, August 29, 2011

Up Up & away..................

Over the last few months, since I started my blog, I have noticed a number of times, that people have found my blog (or probably went looking for it) by googling "up, up & away with Down syndrome"  I'm not complaining really.  I really appreciate that they were interested enough to search for my blog.  I just can't help but think about how that sounds -  the "away with down syndrome" part.  Again, I'm really pleased that people are interested in my blog, but I just felt that I should let everyone know what I was thinking when I chose that name.

I don't want to do away with Down syndrome, but I want to give my daughter the ability to overcome the stereotypical limitations that this condition has traditionally put on people.  I want people to know that she has Down syndrome, and that she is this incredible person - I want my daughter to shatter people's expectations.

 Most of you who have been reading my blog likely realize that I have very high expectations of my daughter.   What I was trying to do when I chose this name was to say that the sky is the limit for my daughter.  I refuse to put limits on her & I refuse to have anything but the highest expectations.  And one day, as I fight back tears from a tumultuous mix of emotions - proud, happy, sad, all at the same time, I fully expect her to wave goodbye as she flies up, up, up & away and towards a new and independent life.

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