Thursday, August 11, 2011

Drug Trial for Down Syndrome

This is a link to a study on a drug that may possibly help with cognition in people with Down syndrome.

I find this intriguing, & although I am very interested in helping K to learn & become more independant, I won't be first in line with a prescription. All drugs have side effects & I would have to research this very well before I made a decision. If it turned out to be very safe & we felt the benefits outweighed any side effects, then we would likely try it, but again, I am very cautious & almost always treat anything with natural means first.  I can't remember the last time that I filled a prescription at the drug store. On the other hand, we would treat any other medical condition that developed, so why would we not treat this one?

I also believe in doing everything possible to help K to reach her full potential - who knows if anything will ever come of this or other research anyways?  Not only that, if there is ever a drug like this that can help, the further ahead she is to start with, the better.
Here is that link:

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