Monday, August 8, 2011

MonkiSee Action Words DVD review

Before I begin talking about the MonkiSee  Action Words DVD, I want to let you know that besides receiving the MonkiSee DVD to review, I receive no compensation for this review or any sales that may result. I am free to give my honest opinion on this educational DVD.

We have been enjoying the MonkiSee video for the last couple of weeks and first of all, I must say that I am so impressed with young Olivia who narrates the video. She does a wonderful job & this is obviously a strong talent for her.   K really relates to young people, so this was a plus for her also.

K loves all the videos of other kids & animals doing the actions & I appreciate that more than one video clip is shown to display the different ways each action can be performed.

 I like the way each word is presented on a blank screen in very large red letters first, before the video clip is shown. It is hard to miss & red is supposed to be an attractive color for the youngest viewers.  K has been reading words for over 2 years now & now knows so many sight words, that it is not surprising to me that she already knew many of the words in the video, but I am happy to report that she already knows all of the new words too!  I think most people buying this video would not have a child with such a large bank of sight words already, so there would a lot of educational value in learning the 30 words featured on the DVD.

The songs must be very entertaining for K, as she was singing along even the first time she watched the DVD & now sings them randomly throughout the day!

As  mom who encourages a lot of physical activity for my girls, I love the fact that this is about action words.  K spends 1/2 of this video jumping running stretching & crawling around the living room.


K has very recently started getting choosy about the DVD's that she watches. I was pleasantly surprised that this is the only DVD she is asking for now.  I am certain it is not just because it is new, because I was given a 2nd hand copy of another very popular early reading video the other day which she watched once & now refuses to watch again.  She also seems to have pretty well outgrown some very popular sign language DVD's that she used to love.

This really is a very enjoyable & educational DVD & I am so glad to have a chance to check it out.  I expected that K would enjoy it but again, I have to say I didn't expect her to be so enthralled by it!  A big thumbs up from both of us for the MonkiSee Action Words DVD!

If you would like to learn more, here is a link to the MonkiSee website:

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