Friday, August 12, 2011

Swimming Lessons & Random Thoughts About Stamina

K did awesome at swimming lesson this week  She passed her level with flying colors.  And no......i didn't tell them she had DS when I registered her.  She is a more advanced than at least 2 of my older dd's at this age & I really didn't think it was relevant. As it turned out, she was also one of the more advanced kids in the class & was a willing participant in all of the activities...... well, except for getting out of the pool at the end of each lesson :)!

I have read a number of times that kids with DS do not have as much stamina as typical kids, but K's stamina really impressed me this week. 

We registered for the "cram session" of swiming lessons.  This means that we crammed 2 weeks of lessons into one. It is always a long week & my older daughters's were/are always exhausted afterwards.  K was in the pool at about 9:30 for her first lesson.  She had a 1.5 hour break & then was back in the pool for her 2nd lesson of the day.  In between lessons, she had a snack, then played on the playground.  We came home, then after lunch most days she went outside to play & was generally very active.  She went to bed at her regular time all week & although she hasn't napped since she was about 2, I had anticipated her needing one this week.  Of course she proved me wrong & didn't nap once during the week!

Swimming lessons ended on Friday & we had tickets to a large outdoor music festival which meant leaving home first thing Saturday morning.  I debated about not taking K because her week had been so full already but ended up bringing her along because she had enjoyed it so much last year.  We had a wonderful time listening to music, & enjoying all the exhibits & activities like the bouncy house.  K enjoyed every last minute & only fell asleep once the final fireworks were done signalling an end to the evening.  Now that is stamina!


  1. Way to go K on the swimming! And, I don't think I have enough stamina to do all that. :)

  2. Awesome! I often wonder about the stamina thing. Coop (4, with Ds) won't walk around the block, but Liam (1.5, no Ds) will run and run and run until I make him stop. I wonder if it is related to Coop not wanting to do it, or not being able to....

  3. K doesn't usually run & run like your Liam or my older kids either - except at the splash park for some reason! She keeps a steadier pace, but seems to be able to keep going & going.