Thursday, June 9, 2011

"If I Were a Beep"

This was the first book that K ever just picked up & read to me.  She was just 3  at the time, & her speech wasn't as clear, so it came out more like "If I Were a Beep".  There is something incredibly adorable about a little girl who is able to read a short story, yet unable to pronounce all of the words yet. It was one of the sweetest mispronunciations I have ever heard & I was ecstatic!  This is a book that I will always treasure.  Even the memory of that day makes me tear up through a huge grin.  I have no idea what book my other kids read for the first time.  I know that sounds bad, but it's not that I didn't care, it just wasn't something I stressed about with them.  I was oblivious.  I knew that they would learn to read.  Whether it was at age 4 like one or age 6 like another, I just wasn't worried.   When K was born, learning to read was one of the things that I worried about.  I believed she would eventually learn, but I worried that she would struggle so much that she would not get the same joy out of reading as my older daughters did.  For me, If I Was a Sheep was the moment that I first realized not only that my daughter would learn to read & do it well, but also that it would be a passion for her just like myself & my older kids.  Therefore, I will treasure this little book forever in memory of that moment.

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