Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Doggy Do It"

Lately on other blogs & forums, I've heard the comment that many blogs about families who have kids with Down syndrome paint a picture that life is always rosy & almost too perfect, so I thought I'd finally post a bit of a vent. Perhaps getting it out will help me keep my patience a little easier tomorrow:).

14 years ago, my oldest daughter came into the world screaming like someone was killing her. She was not an easy going baby & if something was wrong, she was sure to let us know!  She entered her teen years early -  by 13 months. She was the child that tried my patience, if I counted to 3 for time out, she waited until 3, or just about to react.  She constantly pushed the limits.  Thankfully, she has somehow turned into a much more easy going teenager, & I am praying it stays that way! lol

My middle two daughters seemed quite easy going in comparison.  My 2nd oldest slept 6 hours the night  she came home from the hospital & within a month was consistently sleeping 12 hours every night!  My 3rd daughter didn't even cry at birth, just took a big breathe & gazed up at us, although she wasn't quite the sleeper my 2nd daughter was, she was still a good sleeper & a very content, easy going baby.

I came to believe that perhaps I was a little more sure of myself as a mother, or perhaps I was just a little more relaxed with my next 2 babies.  Not that I felt I was uptight in anyway with my oldest, but there had to be some reason she was not nearly as content right?  I also felt so much more patient with my middle 2 daughters as preschoolers.  Obviously I was just an older, wiser & more patient mother right? Besides, if it wasn't my calm demeanor, my 14 year old would be that stereotypical teenage girl not the wonderful easy going kid that she has become right?

10 years later when my fourth daughter entered the world with the same "someone must be killing me" attitude as my firstborn after an incredibly short labour & minute or so long delivery, I should have known something was up.......

She was just as likely to react as my oldest, however I am grateful that when she was a baby, if she did get upset, she was much easier to soothe.  Even now, she is easier going in that way.  However.......I find my patience being tried again.  She is also a push it to the limit kind of kid & tries to get away with everything she can.  From the battle of wills in the bathroom because "I do it myself" (even if that includes not using soap when she washes her hands which of course mommy won't allow) to picking out every piece of clothing, foods, shoes, her own utensils, & I could go on & on.   When in time out or at bedtime, she uses any excuse to get out  of it & now that she is potty trained,  she wields some extra powers - who can say no to a child who says they have to go? Then there is the mischievousness which brings me to the story which I used for the title of this blog post.  The other day K was playing outside & purposefully dumped over a large tub of toys.  My husband told her "No"  & insisted she clean them up.  A few minutes later, we heard the telltale crash as she did it again.  One of my older daughters went out to talk to her because my husband & I were both busy, but we overheard the conversation.  "K, did you dump out the toys again/"  The innocent sounding reply:  "No, doggy do it." .............& it's only going to get worse before it gets better!


  1. This is so funny! Goldie blames everything on her little brother or Daddy!