Tuesday, June 14, 2011

" Holiday, Holiday!!!!!! "

Like many kids with DS, K has a few more medical/therapy appointments than most kids. Thankfully though, she doesn't have any really serious issues & it did get a lot better after the first year.

I have been determined from day one that this would in no way put a damper on our family life. Rather than having my older kids think "oh, no, we have to run to another appointment for K, we try to do something fun each time instead. Sometimes it is as simple as letting only one of her big sisters come along for a special day. Often we go to a museum, zoo or go on a shopping trip. Instead of resenting their sister for taking even more of our time, they appreciate that because of K, they get to go on more "holidays and day trips.

Speaking of holidays, we just got back tonight from one (therapy). K & I had a great time visitng with friends, checking out the mall, & of course trying out the hotel pool & hot tub. Lately, one of K's favorite words is "holiday!". Whenever she sees a suitcase, she calls out hopefully, "Holiday, Holiday, I go holiday!!!".

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