Monday, June 20, 2011

Handwriting Without Tears

Just because I don't already have enough to do...........  LOL ! Actually, we are planning to scale back K's neurodevelopmental program a little for the summer.  If nothing else, I've at least decided not to feel guilty if we don't get it done some days & to take some extra days off to do a number of day trips with the kids to the science center, the zoo, an amusement park, & other local attractions.

I am also hoping to add in some things that K really enjoys.  We are borrowing the Handwriting Without Tears program from the school for the summer. It was recommended by both the school & K's OT. So far K just loves it & comes running when I put in the CD.  The CD contains lots of fun songs & K really enjoys doing the actions & trying to sing along.  There are chalk boards, a workbook,  play dough & all kinds of fun stuff. 

The handwriting Without Tears Program has a lot of research behind it & offers  training courses, a newsletter, & all kinds of extra help to get you started on their program.  Here is a link to their website if you would like more information:


  1. I love HWT and used it with two oldest and now Goldie. She likes it and is already able to write some letters.

  2. Thanks Brandie - that's good to know....and WOW! That's great that Goldie can print some letters already. K is not usually too excited about writing/drawing, but so far she really seems to enjoy this.

  3. At what age did you start K with this? What skills does Jett need to be able to do in order to benefit from this program? He can hold a pencil and make marks, can recognize some letters...

  4. Hi Andi,

    We started shortly after K turned 3, but could have started earlier. They don't need to know letters to start. Have you seen my mat man post? K did that by herself after only seeing it done twice before, so I'm sure we could have started earlier. I'm not sure what the recommended age is though.