Monday, March 28, 2011

Longvida Curcumin Update

We started K on Longvida Curcumin (LC) in mid December. Within a week, I really thought I noticed a difference in her speech & in fact my husband & even my older dd's commented on the same thing.  The kids ( & probably my husband :) ! ) had no idea that LC is supposed to help with speech. We recently ran out of LC and K went a few weeks without it. I did not notice any regression during that time, however I am seeing another jump in her speech, again within a week of starting her back on it. I am very critical of new things & try to only use natural products that I feel are safe.  Rarely do I think a new product or supplement has noticeable benefits, but I am very excited about the results I am seeing. Again, the rest of the family is also commenting on K's speech.  The other day she said to me:  "I get in truck, go to town."  - 7 words!  I love the fact that she is using all the little words in this sentence too, not just the important ones.

Here is a link, but like everything - do your own research first and check with your child's doctor to determine if it is right for your child.

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