Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Learning Program

This is another great program that is offered free of charge for kids with DS by the down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County. It can be downloaded to your computer and printed off. This program was also great for helping K to learn various concepts such as  colours and shapes.  This program has books with many of the main words having flashcards and a matching picture card as well.  They even have a page of activity suggestions to go along with some stories.

The pictures are mostly quite a good quality. Many are photos, and even the drawings are easy to understand. Their books range from single words to short sentences.  Because K was able to easily able to read smaller print by the time we started using this program, we changed the settings on our printer to print many of these books out with 2 pages on each of card stock to make a smaller book.

The one minor problem we had with this series is that a number of these stories start with the words  " I see".  K started saying "I see" whenever we read any story for a while. We started reading other stories and she eventually started paying more attention and reading the words properly. I doubt this would happen for every child though.

Thank you to the Down Syndrome Association of Orange County for creating such a great free resource.

Here is a link to the page where you can register to access the free materials:

Down Syndrome Association of Orange County 

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