Tuesday, March 1, 2011


It happened tonight,...........one of those moments where as a parent of a child with Down syndrome ( or other special needs, I'm sure) you are ecstatic about a new skill that has suddenly emerged, yet all the while dreading the consequences. Tonight I spelled to my older girls that I was looking for my P. H. O. N. E. ( it's an iPhone & K loves to play games on it) Immediately K said "Where your phone Mommy?" and in that moment it happened. I now see the end of being able to spell out words like C.A.N.D.Y.,or say "I. C. E. Cream, or other variations of words we don't want K to know that we are speaking of. I knew it would come, I knew I would be one proud Momma,........ but she's only 3, I'm supposed to be able to spell things a little longer!........Thanks for letting me share yet another big brag:)!

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