Friday, April 1, 2011

Apps K loves - Updated May 25

I got an iPhone back in December and we quickly became entranced by it's educational possibilities. We were hooked and soon bought an iPad. K's fine motor skills have always been right where they should be for her age, however, I've been very pleased to notice an improvement in the short time that we have had an iPad. This list will be a work in progress and I'll try to add to it as we discover new ones.

SUPER WHY- literacy game based on the TV show.

Timmy's Preschool Adventure - I love that this app involves thinking and reasoning skills as well as basic math skills such as counting and patterns.

HW deluxe - this game involves spelling a word by moving letters into the correct place.  You can use hints so the child matches letters or leave them off so the child has to figure out the letter order themselves. We started with the lite version, but K enjoyed it so much that we quickly purchased the deluxe version.

Park Math HD - math games of varying levels - K loves this one!

Monkey preschool lunchbox - Various games - some letter stuff, etc., but mostly math. - there are a wide range of flashcards apps. They have wonderful clear, concise pictures and a written word that is also spoken aloud.  These are free!

iTouchiLearn - this game has 3 different degrees of difficulty, from a simple touch the picture to see a short movie clip which includes a written and spoken word, to a match the word game.

BB magic lite - Bob books on the iPad - this app has imple phonics games to go along with the Bob's books. We have the lite version and it is a favorite.

Dress-up - just how it sounds - when K plays everyone is dressed in multiple layers!

Talking Rex - K loves this dinosaur! This app is great for getting kids talking. It is quite hilarious to hear this T Rex giggling, calling out to family members, making animal sounds and the many other silly things K says to it.  You can also play fetch, feed it, etc.

The above apps are K's Favorite educational apps. Much to my surprise, along with the rest of the family(except me), she loves Angry Birds. She also shares a couple of favorites with my 8 year old such as LPS ( littlest pet shop) and snowboard.

Many of these apps have lite versions that can be tried out first and several of them are free. We have actually only paid for a handful of the apps on our iPad.

UPDATE - May 25/11 - Here are a few new favorites:

ilanguage - Language Builder - This is a great app for language skills.  The app displays various scenes with people, pets, etc.  The child is encouraged to say a sentence about the picture which is recorded & can be played back.  This is one of K's recommended speech activities, so it is a perfect activity for her right now.  You could also have your child use only one or two words or for a nonverbal child I still think it would be great to do with someone else recording the sentences for them to listen to.

Peekaboo - this is a simple but cute app that would be great even for babies.  An animal can be heard behind the barn doors.  Tap the screen & the animal is revealed - it is a very cute guess the animal game.  K doesn't play it anymore, but I thought I'd add it because younger kids will really enjoy it.

Tangrams - fun puzzles

Brain-Go - This app has five pictures.  The child must put the one that doesn't match in the trash can.

NLC Autism - this app is the opposite of Brain -Go.  An item is displayed & the child must decide which category it fits in.

Word Magic - This is another spelling game.  A word is displayed with one letter missing.  There is a picture & the word is spoken.The child must choose from several letters at the bottom to fill in the missing letter.

Sequencing - 3 pictures are shown & the child must place them in the order of first, next, & last.

Nature Appy - This app has high quality animal pictures, and includes animal sounds & the word.

Magic Piano - Even babies will have fun with this one!

PaintSparkles - I just downloaded this one tonight - K hasn't even played it yet, but I think it's really cool :)! I like that a voice announces each new color that the child choices.  This would be great for kids who don't yet know their colors.  There are sparkles & music each time the child draws.


  1. Cool! Thanks for sharing this list. Hopefully we'll get an iPad soon and be able to try them out.

  2. I've been looking for more apps for Claire, thanks for sharing will look into some of these.