Thursday, March 24, 2011


Starfall is a great phonics based Internet computer  program. I like that this program is interactive.  All of my kids have played and enjoyed this program at one time as our school sometimes allows kids to play on it as a treat if they are done their school work. It starts with ABC's and continues to increase in difficulty. I really feel that while younger kids will learn some things from this program, it is better for teaching older kids. I'm starting to experiment with teaching phonics using a sight word approach, but still think that phonics taught in the traditional way needs to be taught to 5 or 6 year olds who have a longer working memory.


  1. Just found your blog tonight through babycenter and read back to the beginning. Thanks for all the information! I am expecting a little girl with DS in 2 months, and this is SO encouraging to read. Was looking at a couple videos of your youngest reading at 2. So cute to see your older kids be so involved, and so impressive for a two year old to be able to read, this would be impressive for any 2 year old!
    Anyway, thanks for encouraging me tonight :)


  2. Thanks Mariska. I'm so glad you found it encouraging. I'll be waiting to hear your little girl's success stories in a couple of years, whether it be with reading or any number of other things! Congrats on your new little blessing to be!