Thursday, March 17, 2011


This program is computer based & I acquired it when it was available for free download back in January. This previously $250 program is now being offered on DVD for $25 at the time of this blog post, which still seems pretty reasonable to me. We've only just started, but there seems to be quite a bit of material to keep kids learning for quite a while, so hopefully you wouldn't have to keep shelling more money out for other programs. In my opinion this program is better for kids who are starting a little bit later - maybe closer to school age? K enjoys it, but really she seems to enjoy any early reading program we have tried! I think it is more enjoyable for her because she already has a basic knowledge of letters & letter sounds. Personally, I find it very boring & very repetitive! One thing I do like though is that it encourages interaction in various ways such as having the child point out different letters on the screen. There are also worksheets to print off that go with the lessons, although K has so far refused to do any of them! The stubborn gene is on the 21st chromosome right? This may be something some kids would enjoy though & would help with fine motor & preprinting skills. You can also download samples for free to try it out.


  1. I'm really enjoying your reviews of early reading programs. I've had a hard time finding one that will work for us. L&L is too expensive. I have the book "Teaching Reading to Children with DS" but their approach is too complicated. Goldie wanted nothing to do with all the matching. So far I've been making my own flashcards and using the Smart Baby word apps on the iPad. My PC is low on memory so I wasn't able to get Brill Kids to work. Maybe I did something wrong?

  2. We have the Funnix program too and I feel the same way about it. We tried it a couple of times and my daughter isn't really interested in it at the moment. But I'll keep trying and seeing if she eventually will nor not. I mean it was free. I would of hated to pay for it that's for certain. LOL

  3. Brandie - I've tried a lot of different things, but never got around to reading that particular book. I'd love to hear what they suggest.

    I have no idea why Little Reader won't work. Have you tried asking that question on the Brill Kids forum? I'm sure someone there would know what your problem is. I had tons of problems downloading the Funnix program. Even the tech support at Funnix couldn't help. Someone at Brillkids suggested a solution and I was able to download it in minutes after fighting with the program for hours. it's worth asking over there.

    After I get done with this set of posts, I'm working on a blog post about apps. I'm hoping others will comment and share their favorites too!

  4. Tracy - I agree! I certainly can't imagine paying $250 for it! In some ways, I'm surprised that K enjoys it, but on the other hand, I have yet to find a program she doesn't like!