Thursday, January 3, 2013

Geography lessons - a trip to the USA

We are holidaying, mainly in Montana, for a few days. K has travelled from one end of Canada to the other but has never been out of the country before.

I like to add a little learning in with just about everything we do & travelling is a wonderful way to teach a sone geography. KJ, my 10 year old is learning about all the Canadian provinces in school right now so I tried to build on that a little & found a mapping activity which includes all the provinces & territory's. I found another of a fictitious community which teaches north, south, east & west. I printed off a Montana fun sheet with info & activities as well as USA & Montana maps & flags. Finally I printed off some geography word search puzzles. That should be enough to keep her busy for a while!

For K, I printed off the some maps & flags to colour then added in some math & printing sheets.

Before we left home we talked about the USA & Montana & found them on the map. We looked at the distances between places & talked about how we have provinces & territories & the USA has states.

We explained what was happening at the border & about her passport & how this was the point that we were leaving our country & entering a new one.

We talked about the differences in our money & K is excited to have some crisp new American bills in her wallet.

Once we arrived at the hotel I was given a simple map showing our room, the pool, the restaurant etc. K immediately decided it was her map & loves reading it & being our tour guide around the hotel.

We are also going to take in a couple of museums on our trip including a children's museum.

Once we get home in sure we'll do a few follow up activities as well!

How do you add learning activities into your holidays?


  1. My daughter is still too young to understand geography, but I'm sure she's got the idea that there are places that are close-by and others that are far away. Since she was born we travel a lot between Morocco (where we live), Italy (where is my family) and France (where is my husband family).
    Talking about learning activities...we've just got a free semester 1 of little reader program!!! I'm so excited! My kids loved the trial version, and I would have liked to buy the full one. I was waiting though, because is quite expensive. Thank to you, I asked for a reduction for children with special needs and to my great surprise we had 100% discount!!!!
    So thanks a lot!

  2. That's great about the discount! It's such a fabulous program!

    It's wonderful that your daughter is able to travel so much. You can learn a lot from books, make etc. but actually experiencing it is the best way to learn.