Monday, December 17, 2012

First Ski Day of the Season!

K tried out her new skis a couple of weeks ago.  This was supposed to be the year that she skied without a harness but after her AAI X-ray came back on the questionable side, I decided that I wanted to more control for at least a little longer. K is just starting to be able to turn & stop so once she is able to ski in control I'll finally untie the apron strings take off her harness & let her ski totally independently.

K only skied for a couple of hours but did well & seems to be remembering all she learned last year. Our hill is opening this weekend so we're excited to go again!With 3 older girls who ski race competitively the local ski hill will be our second home for the next few months.  K will be moving up from just having mom as her instructor & will be taking regular lessons so I'm anticipating big improvements in her skiing ability this year.

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  1. Go K! Before you know it you will be skiing up there with your sisters.