Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why I don't post my daughter's name or picture on my blog

I had a comment left on my blog anonymous of course, asking why I don't show my daughter's face.  I've addressed this question in the past but it's probably buried under many other blog posts so I'll answer again.

Anonymous asked if I don't post her picture because I'm ashamed of her.  That is so incredibly far from the truth.  K is adorable, beautiful & I am truly the proudest mom in the world of her as well as my other daughters, whose faces I also don't post on my blog.  Every night when I tiptoe into her room to check on her before I go to sleep the same words just instantly pop into my head " She is so perfect."  It's not planned, my mind just can't look at her sleeping peacefully & not think that. " She is so perfect." I don't show pictures of my kids faces to try to give them some privacy.  If i am posting a story which involves my older daughters I usually ask their permission first, except in the case where I'm sure they'll agree. At 5 & 10 years of age, I really don't think K or KJ truly understand all of the implications to posting things on the internet, heck I probably don't even fully understand. I do however think it is important to share how well K is doing & what methods have worked for us so I think this blog is important. Perhaps at some point when I think all of my kids are old enough to fully understand & give their permission, I'll use their real names & full photos but until then I feel I need to respect their privacy.

Some days I would like to post more pictures.  Some things just don't come through in words........the mischevious glint in K's eyes she's scheming up a way to get one more story at bedtime, the way she looks at her sister T because they share a special bond that words just can't describe - I'm sure they each feel the sun rises & sets on the other, The cocky look K has as she blasts out her sisters loud rock music............I could go on & on but the point is, it is not my decision to make & I need to wait until she can make that decision herself.

I welcome any other questions anonymous or anyone else may have:)

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