Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"Watch Me Ski Mom!"

K has been on skis for a few years now. The first year we just let her have fun gliding down & getting her balance. Last year we started teaching her to turn & stop as well as how to get on & off a rope tow & magic carpet.   She has had a few lessons this year & is coming along well with her skiing.  We plan to let her follow in her big sisters footsteps next year & will register her in our local Nancy Greene ski league program. It is a learn to skis program which does include ski racing but the main emphasis is learning to ski & having fun. She will be taking lessons twice a week & start her ski racing career which she is very excited about. She is already anxious to move on from the rope tow & head up the big hill!  Patience my child,  first we have to solidify your snow plow stops & turns:)

Riding the magic carpet at another ski hill while her sisters raced last weekend.

Riding the rope tow

Coming off the magic carpet & skiing down - but not listening to her Mom when told to make stop. K thinks its fun to just go straight down without stopping lately but is learning to do a pretty good pizza (or chocolate pie) stop when she decides to listen:)

& here's that elusive pizza stop in this next video.  For some reason K thought it was funny to put her hands on her boots while stopping. Maybe because that's how her ski instructor taught her to snowplow? Anyways,  my phone battery died shortly after I took this video so I couldn't get a better one but you can see her nice little snow plow stop.

For those of you who read my last post on skiing, you may have noticed that K is now skiing without a harness.  We are still cautious because of her AAI concerns but are trying to give her a little freedom while still being careful.

Has anyone else got a ski bunny?


  1. We were born and raised in Southern California and we never learned to ski. We can boogie board and play in the ocean for hours though! :)

    K is doing really well! That magic carpet is very cool. I've never seen that before!

  2. What a cool posting. We live in Canada, so I'm very excited about taking our son skying when he's older.
    K must have had so much fun!!!

  3. We're in Canada too Elvia & skiing is popular around here. Check out today's post & video - very exciting stuff!