Friday, January 18, 2013

Finding the Right Motivation

Sequential processing is an important part if most neurodevelopmental programs. We play different games to help K develop her memory. Sometimes we have her do a series of actions while other times we may do an activity like have her repeat words back to us.

K will do a series of actions but has been refusing to repeat words for quite a while. We figured out a new game to get K to do it tonight.

When she was little & we were walking with her holding 2 peoples hands she liked us to swing her between us. At the time to encourage speech we had her say "123 go!" first. Tonight she wanted to do this again so I told her okay but say "5931". I repeated this several times & each time she easily got 4's. By the time we walked to the mall I tried 5 words & she got it first try! I guess we'll be doing a lot of walking & swinging from now on!

What activities help motivate your child?

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