Monday, February 20, 2012

Monki See - Around the House DVD Review

Recently, Krista of Intellectual Baby sent us a copy of her latest DVD MonkiSee Around the House to review.  Earlier we reviewed the MonkiSee Action Words DVD.   K really enjoyed it, & when this new video arrived in the mail, she was so excited to see her buddies Skip & Howie on the cover of a new DVD.

This fun & exciting DVD teaches sight words for over 25 common words of things found around the house.


K is getting much more picky about her choice of DVDs but she loves this one.  I really like that this video moves quite quickly from one image or movie clip to the next.  Although K has a really good attention span for her age, I think this is part of the reason that it keeps K's attention longer & this is also great for young babies who do not have very long attention span.

One thing I happened to notice this time, is that when the words are shown on the screen, they are shown in different locations.  I have recently learned that from a neurodevelopmental point of view, this is also a better way to show flashcards than to just show them in the same position all the time, so it was nice to see that on the video too.

The red lettering used in MonkiSee Around the House is also great as according to Glenn Doman of Institutes of Achievement of Human Potential, this is most appealing to babies & will keep their attention longer.

This video has very clear concise pictures so it is obvious what the word represents which is very important so babies are not confused about the meaning of the words.

Because K is reading so well, she knows most, or perhaps all of the words on this video already, but for a child who is not already reading these words, this would be a fun & exciting way to teach them.

K loved the songs on this video & is already starting to sing along. A video that encourages speech is something that I really like to see.  K comes from a family of girls, so I think she really relates to young Olivia who does a wonderful & very professional job playing her role in this DVD. K also really enjoys seeing other kids in books & videos, so the many short video clips of other kids was very exciting for her.

This fun & exciting video is an great addition to our educational DVD library!

Here is a link to the MonkiSee Around the House webpage if you are interested in learning more.

This review was written in exchange for a free copy of  MonkiSee Around the House .  I was not paid for this review, nor was I required to write a positive review.  This is my honest, unbiased opinion on this product.


  1. Hello Laura,

    Thanks for the nice review. We should see if K wants to participate in the next MonkiSee DVD. We had some customers send us video that was used in this DVD. I will let you know what we need for the next one and see if she wants to make a cameo appearance in MonkiSee.

    Thanks again.

  2. Sorry for the late reply - I'm having trouble commenting from my computer or phone, but I just realized that I can from my husband's computer.

    That sounds like fun! K would love to watch herself in a movie!