Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Answers............ Why don't I use K's name on my blog?

I ended up having a number of questions on a wide variety of subjects, so I thought I would  do a series of answers posts.  Here is the first one:

"I am curious as to why you don't use your daughter's  full name on your blog.

The biggest reason is that I question whether or not I have the right as K's mother to take away her privacy by sharing her life publicly when she is too young to fully understand.  I have thought  about this often, but have decided to share some details because I feel that the good that can come from sharing her accomplishments & our experiences out weigh the negatives.  When K was a baby, I hunted the far corners of the internet to try to find others who were doing the same sorts of therapies as I was & only recently have I been able to find a few others.  I do try to be respectful of K's feelings & consider how she will feel about what I am posting in the future.

Perhaps I shouldn't worry about this so much.  Lots of bloggers share so much more information, but I just feel more comfortable erring on the side of caution.  I do share more information at times, of course with moms that I meet in person, or those that I am in contact with often.  I have done a couple of public talks about my experiences too, & off course I've shared a lot more with those audiences as well.

For the record, I have asked my older daughter's permissions before sharing videos & stories about them publicly & will continue to discuss it with them & K as they get older & understand more.

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  1. I think it was very creative from you using just daughter first letter of her name. Nothing wrong with that! The reason I blog, it is because I can fund useful info to help my son. Details like your daughter's full name, it is complete up to your discretion because you are the writer of your blog, so you chose how much information you want to share and your readers should respect that. Now, I think it is understandable the curiosity of knowing her real name because she inspires people, but I am happy talking about her as K or the daughter of my blogger friend.