Thursday, February 16, 2012

Time Flies - Math is Fun!

Life has been a whirlwind lately.  I'd love to be able to protest loudly enough to be able to slow it down!  Not only are we busy with the day to day - it's ski race season for my older girls, so we seem to be running from ski hill to ski hill, but time is just flying by so fast.  I will have a 2nd teenager in about a month - I'm too young for that!

Anyways, I often wonder about the amount of time we spend each day on K's neurodevelopmental program & other learning games.  We have been been busier than usual lately - I took my older daughters to a skier cross race in the mountains for 4 days last week while K stayed home with her Daddy (I rarely leave her or any of my kids, & although I had a great time with my older girls, I missed her terribly). K read a few books to her Daddy, but I think that's about all the program they did.  Then on Tuesday to Thursday of this week, we went on a short holiday to a nearby city. We were so busy with activities & shopping that again, we did very little program.

When we got home last night, my husband & older 3 girls rushed off to ski practice at our local hill & K & I stayed behind.  We were both tired & had no plans to do any program, but K found the large plastic tub that I keep many of her program materials in, she was so excited to find her math book & insisted that we needed to work on it. Later, she suggested a few other activities.

I was so relieved to see how much she enjoys these activities & misses them when we are not consistent.  K is not the kind of kid that just goes along with everything, so I often have to be very creative to get her to do some of the activities, & it is only recently after showing her some videos of other kids doing her math program that she has suddenly become excited about math, so this is huge for us!

UPDATE:  I actually wrote this a couple of weeks ago, & once more since then we had a busy 4 days away with skiing & family functions.  When we got home, the same thing happened.  I had no plans to do program, but K dragged out her math book & was so excited to work on it!

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