Wednesday, October 19, 2011

31 for 21 - Random Stories From School Today

Things I overheard in the school hallway today:

"K is the smartest little kid I know!"

K is so smart that she is going to graduate in grade  9!

When I picked K up from school at lunch today, there was a little fighting going on at the playground.......... & she was right in the middle of it!  It sounded kind of like this: "I want to play with K.""  No, it's my turn to play with her. ""No, I want to play with her, she's my friend!"  I sat back watching & giggling until finally a  little girl stepped in & said, "Let K decide what she wants to do!"

Later, during my older girl's volleyball game, I was helping in the concession & K wanted a treat.  She started to grab a bag of chips off of the table.  I told her "no, this is like a store, & you need money to pay for things.  A couple of minutes later, as she wandered around the concession, waiting for me, she spied the cash box.  She found a couple of 10 dollar bills & happily brought them to me expecting to get to buy her chips........time for another life lesson!

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