Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 for 21 - My Baby is Growing Up................

K is my youngest, & most likely my last baby, so sometimes little realizations that she is growing up & becoming independent are a little more bittersweet for me.  Before I had kids, I was not very comfortable with babies, even during my first pregnancy, my husband was surprised at how awkward I was when holding a neighbor's newborn. That all changed the instant my oldest daughter was born.  Holding her, & in time, my next 3 baby girls, felt like the most natural thing that I had ever done.  I am firm in my belief that I am doing exactly what I am meant to do right now & I am grateful for that. I'm getting off track though...........I notice that K's taste in entertainment is really changing lately.  She used to love Signing Time & at one point, thanks to Signing Time, knew several hundred signs.  I have rented a couple of the videos from a local library lately, & she is not at all interested.  She prefers to watch Super Why, various real life animal shows or movies, & even cartoons like Scooby Doo like her big sisters.  Her taste in music is changing too, & while she sometimes listens to kids songs, if she has control of my iPhone or the iPad, she almost always chooses the modern country & rock music that her sisters enjoy.  I am finding that my emotions are  very torn.  On one hand, we work so hard to help K become independant, but then she makes choices like this that show me she is growing up & the fact that my youngest is already so much her own person makes it a hard for me to know that I need to start to let go even in the small amounts that are appropriate at age 4.

I love you baby girl!

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