Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 for 21 - Everyday reasons that teaching K to read has been helpful

This was supposed to automatically post yesterday, but something went wrong, so it's a day late, but that allowed me to add the cookie story to the end of this post:)

I have only wonderful things to say about teaching my dd to read. Even at just 4 years of age, it is already opening up doors for her. People often recognize that she has Ds & usually have a preconceived notion of what it is like & often judge her before they get to know her. When they find out that she has been reading books since she was 3.5, it shatters a lot of stereotypes & allows them to learn that she is a unique individual & get to know her for who she really is.

At this point I don't think my dd even realizes that it is unusual for kids her age to read, but once she gets to school & sees other kids just learning to read I'm sure it will be a great boost to her confidence. Even if she ends up being behind in some areas such as gross motor, she will have one area that she really excels beyond the other kids. I think it will be great for her self confidence.

Another great thing about being able to read it helps her understand things. For example, at the pool, she can read the sign saying "pool closed" . It sure saves me a lot of fights when she can read the rules or herself.

Early reading has also helped her be more independent. She can read a simple kids menu & choose her own meal & make other decisions by herself.

I think I could go on & on about the positives of early reading, but I guess I should have a negatives list too. For a little while, K insisted that she was a boy like Daddy.  Being able to read at a young age allowed her to choose the "appropriate" bathroom.  It wasn't too big of a deal the day she entered the wrong bathroom when we were at a neighbor's wedding surrounded by friends, but the day she was one step ahead of her sister at a large department store was a little scary.  Thank you Mr. Security Guard!

This morning at the Tim Horton's donut place, K read the sign saying chocolate chip cookie & chose that for a treat.  The cashier said that the sign was in the wrong place & that they were sold out of that type of cookie.  K insisted that she could have one because it was written on the sign.  I had just managed to talk her into oatmeal raisin when they announced that the latest batch of chocolate chips cookies were done, so she got her way after all!  They funny thing is that I am always telling her that it must be so if it is written on the sign - that sure backfired today!

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