Monday, April 18, 2011

Why I luv Specs4Us - a picture says a thousand words!

K has worn glasses since she was 9 months old.  We had a very difficult time even finding a pair of glasses to fit a tiny 9 month old.   Her first pair were a terrible fit, but fortunately, we found out about what was at the time, a brand new company called  Specs4Us. They make glasses designed specifically for kids with Down syndrome.  I think the thing that I enjoy the most about this company is the incredible customer service. This company has always gone above and beyond the level of customer service that I have come to expect.  The first time we ordered glasses, they even sent me a few pair to try on to be sure that the fit was correct.   My daughter's glasses got broken last year after a horrific accident that I'm sure no pair of glasses could survive !  It was on Valentine's day, which was a Sunday.  I sent of an email to the owner, Maria Dellapina, certain that I was not going to receive a reply at least until Monday morning.  Within the hour, on a Sunday, I had a reply!  Now that's customer service!

The other thing I really appreciate about Specs4Us is their durability.  The bottom pair in the picture below is from about 10 months ago - my daughter isn't always easy on her glasses!  She is getting better thanks to a change in opthamologists & a more appropriate prescription, but that's a whole other story! If I remember right, this picture was from the time that K's glasses got run over by a large 4X4 truck. I really didn't expect them to be saved, but, after warning me that they likely wouldn't survive, the optometrist was able to bend them back into shape without them breaking.  We are still using these glasses. They have been bent back from similar shapes to this about ten times, but they are still going strong! I have never seen a pair of glasses as mangled as hers have been several times, that have been brought back to life!  

check out the bottom pair -10 months ago........

and tonight - still as good as new!

Here is a link to Maria Dellapina's Specs4Us site if you are interested:

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