Thursday, April 14, 2011

Learning about money

K loves flashcards - any kind of flashcards!  I found these cards at a rummage sale the other day.  They are about telling time, identifying & adding money. 

Some of those concepts will wait for a later date, but I thought why not teach her about coins now?  She already insists on being the one to pay when we are at a store! We've been looking at these cards for a few days now & she can already identity the coins on the cards, so I started getting her to sort real coins.

I was trying to include her in the picture, but K was in a mischievous mood today - she grabbed a couple of cards & ran away giggling!


  1. hi there.. i just wanted to ask where you got the words from.. do you sort them according to subject, and how you selected the subject? also, how do you know that she will be able to read and remember all these words later on? i mean after 6 months for example, do you go back to the older words and check to see if she still remembers them?

  2. hi there, just wanted to ask how you choose the words you teach you dd every week.. do you choose a subject and make all the cards accordingly? and how do you make sure she can read those words say after 6 months? do you go back and see if she could read them every once in a while? how do you organize the new things she learns along with the old things she already finished? thanks:)

  3. Thanks for the questions samoohaj. I started to reply here, but my comment got so long, that I decided it would make a good blogpost. Please check out my July 3/2011 blog for my long winded response:)