Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sensory Play - Popcorn

This was one of K's favorite sensory play activities.  This is best very closely supervised because there is a choking risk with the unpopped popcorn.  We were lucky that K stopped putting things in her mouth fairly early.  She still enjoys this occasionally, but when she was about 2, this activity would keep her occupied for almost an hour at a time! 

You can expand on this activity by having your child count the animals, sort by color, type, etc.  We would change the objects we added fairly often.

This picture is from last fall.  We varied the activity by adding Halloween shapes.


  1. Cool. We just did a sensory play activity with dry cornstarch! Messy, but oh so fun

  2. Cornstarch would be fun! Neat sensation. I have also heard of using rice, noodles or shaving cream.