Sunday, April 1, 2012


This morning, my oldest daughter & I were chatting about plans for her upcoming birthday.  Rather than receiving presents, she will be asking all of her friends & family to donate to one of a couple of charities that she is choosing. Of course, Reece's Rainbow came up in our conversation, & my daughter had their website up on her computer, so I checked in on Abbott.  I was saddened to learn that he has been transferred to an institution. I know that this commonly occurs after children turn 4 years of age, but it was still a shock to me.  I have been so behind on blog posts lately & have been planning to write about him again, but I've let too much time slip by & am so sad that it took something like this to get me into action again.

Anyways, another interesting thing happened this morning.  When I checked my blog, I had a couple of comments awaiting moderation.  One was from another mom & blogger at Loving the Crew
Unbeknown to me, she has also been advocating for Abbott & will be holding a fundraiser for him in late April or May. Please check out her blog on the above link & support  her fundraiser.

As of tonight, there is only $2018.00 in Abbott's fund.  Abbott needs 2 things now.  He needs to find his forever family & he needs to have his adoption fund full to help his new family get him out of the institution & safely home as soon as possible. Please consider donating to Abbotts fund.  Most of us are able to spare at least a small amount, but if you aren't able to donate, then please share the link to Abbots page, blog about him or do whatever you can to help his forever family to find him & to help others learn about him so that they can donate too. 

We can all help bring Abbott home!

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