Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Swimmer is Back!

Last summer, K was doing wonderfully with swimming.  She had just gotten to the point that she could swim about 10 feet or so & even go under the water & retrieve some diving rings before coming up for air. Then the days quickly started to get shorter & our outside pool had to be retired for the winter.  During the first month or so of fall, we were so busy with back to school stuff & sports, that we didn't get her to our local public pool to keep up her skills, then when we finally did, we discovered that the pool was closed for fall cleaning & renovations.  All in all, she probably didn't swim for about 2.5 months.  Just like one of my older girls, this was too long of a break for a just starting out swimmer, & by the time we got her back in the pool later in the fall, she had regressed a little & while still comfortable in the water, she was no longer swimming independently.  My goal was to get her in the pool at least a couple of times a month during the winter so that she was at least comfortable in the pool, then work on swimming again once our pool is set up again in May.  K had other ideas & in the past couple of months has really been improving.  We have been staying at hotels a couple of times per month for ski races, & we always make sure we stay where there has been a pool. Each time, she swims 2 or 3 times, plus a couple of times per month at the local pool, & that has been enough practice to swim a short distance independently again today!  It was only about 8 feet, but she is excited & wanting to practice more.  We live in a rural area with lots of water around, so I will be so relieved once she is able to swim a couple of lengths of the pool independently.

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