Friday, September 23, 2011

BrillKids Math Program

I have had a copy of BrillKid's Little Math for a few months now - Thanks KL!  However, I have had some major computer problems & could not load it on my old computer.  About a month ago, I purchased a new laptop & installed Little Math & have been using it quite regularly since then.

K has already seen Doman dot cards from one to about 80. This is how the math program starts out, so we are reviewing, but going quite quickly.  It has been a while since we did the math dots, so K does not seem to mind the review. 

If you have a very young child, this program is ideal for doing the dot program.  Because it is computer generated, the dots are always random as compared to doing them on cards where each number is always done in the same pattern.

Again, just like the Little Reader program, I love the flexibility of this program.  To keep K's interest peaked we have downloaded neat icons like Minnie Mouse & Blue's Clues.  I like that this program goes right from Doman style dots, to simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, right up to multistep  equations.

I have not found it too hard to keep up with K's reading program, however math is another story.  I am pleased to say that since we started with Little Math we have been able to be quite consistent.  It is just so easy!

The math program includes math dots, numerals, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, multi step equations and more.

Here is a link:  Little Math

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