Thursday, July 7, 2011

Handwriting practice

Right now, we're mainly working  on the Handwriting Without Tears program to teach K to learn to print.  We are trying to keep K interested & having fun.  I don't usually do handwriting worksheets, but a while back, I found this website where you can create your own handwriting worksheets.  I like the fact that you can choose your own word, colors, letter size, etc. As your child gets a little more experience at writing, you can change it so that only the starting points of each letter appears, not the whole word.  I'm going to continue to use Handwriting Without Tears, but I will also print off a few with K's name on them just for fun. Here is the link:

Handwriting Worksheets

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  1. This will be invaluable. I've started HWT last week, still need to order more components and looking for the $ our daughter is legally blind so it's adding one more dynamic into the mix.