Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day, Eh!

I hope all of you Canadians are having a great Canada day!  Our family usually goes to a local community to enjoy their celebrations.  There is a parade, a breakfast, ball games, kids games & activities & the highlight for my girls?  The gymkhana of course!  K's big sisters had one of those days where everything went well & their horses were very cooperative.  They brought home 2 buckles & numerous ribbons. K was able to enter an event for the first time riding her trusty steed "Goose".  (His name is actually Deuce & although she knows this & can say it properly, she insists that he be called "Goose" - We didn't name him, perhaps we should have asked her opinion & changed it when we bought him! lol)  In this event which is open to children 6 and under, the adult leads the child to the end of the arena & then the child leads the horse back.  In true, hardheaded, preschooler fashion, K insisted on doing it her way.  Instead of running back, she took her time wandering back to the end of the arena, but managed to snag a fancy blue, 2nd place ribbon - she was thrilled! 

Riding "Goose"

Leading "Goose" back

The big prize!

Watching the action with a big sister

Enjoying the gymkhana

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