Friday, April 5, 2013

Fun Beads

We found these beads at Once Upon a Child Yesterday (2nd hand kids stuff). Although K has fairly good fine motor skills she's never really enjoyed beading but these are so bright & colourful that she seems to like them. At first K was just really enjoying feeling the different colours, shapes & textures so I made them into a sensory tub type activity using tongs to pick up the beads. Later we'll try making some neat bracelets & necklaces with them.

Thanks to Mariska for helping me track down the beads! Here's a link to them on amazon:


  1. We also have these! They were a gift to my middle daughter a couple of years ago and I saved them once she out grew them. I never thought of using them for a sensory bin, what a good idea!

  2. Thanks!

    Do you know what they're called? If I had a name to search if post a link in case anyone else is interested:)

  3. These look really neat! and love the sensory bin idea, will have to keep a look out for them.

  4. My daughters have these beads, too. I just bought a couple packages of them at our local grocery store, was just a temporary item and really cheap.

    But this weekend I happened to see some similar beads at Target, the colors are different, they're a little less shiny, but I noticed that the shapes of the pieces are the same.

    I just checked the site to see what they're called, it's "B. pop-Arty! Funky Pop Beads".
    So a search for Pop Beads may help :)