Thursday, February 24, 2011

The squeaky wheel........................

I don't complain very often, but after 5 months of waiting my dd was still not getting any speech (or OT or PT) therapy.  I think that the neurodevelopmental program that we started a few months back is going to make a big difference with this, but I don't like to leave any stones I became that proverbial squeaky wheel (I was polite about it though!).  It worked!  K will be starting speech right away with the speech therapist of my choosing.  It  will mean a couple of hours of driving to get an evaluation & program set up for the local person to follow, but to my knowledge, she is the best speech therapist within more than a days drive.........maybe a few days drive!  K will also be getting OT & PT through the same organization.  I am so excited!

I do  have to add that the local person in charge of K's IEP was NOT to blame for the lapse in services.  I respect her & appreciate her so much for all she has done for our school, community & children.

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