Sunday, March 27, 2011

Exciting announcement from Brillkids!

I have been talking with KL over at Brillkids about giving a discount to kids with special needs. I am very excited to announce that he has generously offered to give discounts ranging from 30% all the way up to 100% off!  The discount is available to Brillkids forum members who have been posting on the forum for at least a month and have a child with a disability.

Unlike the regular sponsorship program, the special needs discount is not based on parental income.

Here link to their forum.  Remember to join now & start posting so you can apply for their discount in a month:


Here is a previous post that I did to explain more details about the Little Reader program:

Here is my review of the Little Math program:

Here is a link to a form where you can fill out the necessary  information. Make sure you include the fact that your child has a disability, state the nature of that disability, and include a scanned copy of a note from a medical professional or therapist and remember to get started posting on the forum!

BrillKids sponsorship

UPDATE: So far everyone I Have talked to who has applied for this discount has gotten a VERY generous discount on both Little Reader & Little Math!


  1. Brilliant, Laura! Thanks a lot.

  2. You are amazing! Thanks so much for this great information.

  3. Hi Laura! Thank you so much! Can you post the link again for the form where you can fill out the information to apply? For some reason that link just takes me straight to the home page for BK. I appreciate you organising this, thank you!